Crisis Comms: Ryan and Heather Zimmerman

We were so excited to connect with Ryan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals, and his wife, Heather Zimmerman, to discuss their newly launched organization Pros for Heroes, a campaign to assist healthcare workers on the frontline fighting COVID-19.Heather and Ryan were at home wondering how they could help people during the pandemic, and after asking a […]

CRISIS COMMS with Dana Look-Arimoto, Author, Stop Settling, Settle Smart

Connecting from New York City and Half Moon Bay California, we catch-up with Dana Look-Arimoto, owner of Phoenix5, a leading professional consulting and advisory firm to talk about the importance of work/life integration in this unprecedented time in history. We start with Dana explaining the idea of developing a “micro-habit” style while working remotely with […]

CRISIS COMMS: Nancy Halpern, Founder, Political IQ

Connecting from Washington DC and New York City, we catch-up with Nancy Halpern, Founder of Political IQ, a business that helps measure the impact of workplace politics while providing solutions to ensure it doesn’t interfere with success.   Our conversation begins with an update on the current situation in New York City and how Nancy has […]

ON‌ ‌THE‌ ‌FRONTLINE:‌ ‌Reporting‌ ‌On‌ ‌The‌ ‌COVID-19‌ ‌Crisis?‌ ‌Interview‌ ‌with‌ ‌NBC‌ ‌News‌ ‌ Correspondent,‌ ‌Susan‌ ‌McGinnis‌

The COVID-19 virus continues to affect the lives of Americans in unprecedented ways not least of which is how news content is consumed.   In this episode of On The Frontline, we talk with NBC News Correspondent Susan McGinnis about how she’s coping in this extraordinary time. For the first time in Susan’s career she’s […]

Crisis Comms: Stephen David Leonard, Founder and CEO, The Leonard Group

Connecting from Washington DC and Los Angeles, we catch-up with Stephen David Leonard, CEO of Leonard Group.  Our conversation begins with an update on Stephen’s son who is thankfully recovering from a non-COVID 19 scare that resulted in the family hunkering down in a hospital room for eleven days as they watched businesses across Los […]