Get Featured, Change the World!


World-Class Strategic Media Relations for
Changemakers & Thought Leaders

Get Featured, Change the World!


World-Class Strategic Media Relations for
Changemakers & Thought Leaders

Ready to go from zero exposure to household name?

You’re doing important work in the world, you need to get that message to the people who need to hear it most.

You’re ready to make a difference on a larger scale.

You’re yearning to have your voice heard.

You’re eager to get your message to the people who it can help.

You’re determined to take action!

But getting access to the people who make things happen is challenging. Especially when you don’t have connections with the media and you don’t have time to pitch!

Not to worry. Let go of that frustration. We will teach you how to find your voice, share your message with the world and leave behind a legacy that truly creates an impact with your life’s work.

Landing those media placements can be fun and easy when you partner with a team that cares about you, your brand and your message.

I’ve been on the other side and in the trenches of the newsroom and know exactly what it takes to get your story in the media. I also know how frustrating it can be when you see someone you know in the media and you wonder why you’re not being featured or interviewed.

With our expert team and my years of experience of being on both sides of the media, we have a proven track record of success in helping position people and companies as experts and thought leaders, and securing strategic and powerful media placements as a result!

Our goal is NOT to have you be seen everywhere! We ensure you get in front of the RIGHT audiences through strategic placements that will truly create results.

We amplify your message through powerful media placements so you can launch
your book, business, or offer to the world and inspire people to take action.

Companies & Thought Leaders

Educate the public about the importance of an issue and how you can help solve it. Change the world with your innovative solutions.


Share your message and the reason your audience needs to read your book and build your author brand.


Tell your story, share your message and mission so you can secure volunteers and donations for your cause and raise public awareness for your organization.

Media can help you gain credibility, awareness, exposure and help you to educate and build trust with your audience.

We help capture your message so it’s relatable and so the people you’re trying to help most will be impacted to take action.

Media Relations Packages

Nardi Media will work to secure strategic media coverage in print, online, television, radio, and podcasts and build awareness for your brand and thought leadership. Together we work to position you as the expert in your industry and to help you share your passion and advice in your area of expertise.

We employ a highly tactical media relations approach to secure coverage that generates awareness for you and your brand across multiple media formats including: national television, and radio, print and online outlets, podcasts and op-eds.

Our team writes pitches that tie directly to your brand and thought leadership keeping in mind industry editorial calendars, awareness months, seasonality, current events and breaking news associated with your area of expertise.

Which option works best for your media goals?

Full Service

Broadcast Only

“When your message is strong enough, you don’t have to talk soft or carry a big stick for people to listen to you. You do, however, need to stand where they can hear you and remember what you say. Our job at Nardi Media is to get you in front of audiences that can’t wait to soak in all you have to say.”

— Ashley Bernardi

While everyone’s results will look a bit different, past clients have experienced the following wins:

You want to elevate your brand, book, company, or cause and we’re here to help you take your message to the masses through the power of media placements. From the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, CNN, CNBC, The New York Times, and more, we have helped clients go from zero exposure to the New York Times Best Seller List and we want to help you build your platform using the power of the press to influence, increase visibility, awareness, and credibility for yourself, your company, your book, or your brand.

Why work with Nardi Media?

We Are The Media Experts

Client Case Studies

Mel Robbins

The Nardi Media team executed a 360-degree media relations campaign that positioned The High 5 Habit as a captivating read that teaches all of us that if we could simply encourage ourselves the way we encourage others, there’s no stopping how far we can go!


  • Secured a total of 93 media placements, with top-tier national and major media market interviews!
  • National TV/Radio Hits with The TODAY Show, Dr. Oz., SiriusXM and iHeart Media.
  • Major Market TV/Radio Hits in New York(1) and Los Angeles (2)
  • 63 Podcast Placements including On Purpose w/ Jay Shetty, The School of Greatness, The Minimalists and more!

Elena Armijo

The Nardi Media team executed a 360-degree media relations campaign that positioned The C-Suite Collective as a visionary take on executive coaching that fosters culture change, organizational growth, and generational impact.


  • Nardi’s ability to tie Elena’s work into the latest trending news and research studies surrounding leadership, cultural diversity and mental health within the professional landscape.
  • Utilizing Elena’s extensive DEI background, we were able to target specific Hispanic outlets to further push messaging surround corporate diversity.
  • Developed timely news jumping pitches surrounding the monthly US jobs report and multiple trending topics surrounding equal pay initiatives.

Jamie Metzl

The Nardi Media team executed a 360-degree media relations campaign that drove awareness, built credibility and developed thought leadership for Jamie Metzl and his book Hacking Darwin.


  • Team calls proved useful for developing pitch topics that resonated with the media
  • Developing timely pitch angles that tied trending news stories helped us to break through with producers
  • Jamie’s initiative to approve pitch angles in a timely manner allowed our team to start outreach quickly and generate results

Be remembered and inspire action!

Curious to know more about the process to get started with your media relations package?

  1. First you fill out an application. 
  2. We hop on a short call to talk about whether we’re a good fit to work together. 
  3. If we decide we’re a good fit we’ll send you a proposal, contract and invoice (all standard stuff).
  4. Next we schedule our first call with your lead publicist.

Are you ready to use your voice to change the world?