We catch-up with Michele Sullivan, author of Looking Up, How a Different Perspective Turns Obstacles into Advantages.

Amongst all this change in the world, Michele talks about the positivity she’s seen through these challenging times.  We’ve all now been given the opportunity to reflect.  We’ve found time to connect with people on a deeper level, and to appreciate both the people we interact with everyday and the moments like laughter from an old TV show.

The conversation then turns to the power of faith in these uncertain times.  For Michele, it’s a reminder that times like these don’t last forever but while we’re in them, it’s important to focus on those around you.  To be there for those in need and to not hesitate to ask for help if you’re struggling emotionally, physically or spiritually.  

She reminds us all that we’re not alone, but you can’t be afraid to make that first move.