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How Can Communications Professionals Navigate Motivation & Resilience During A Pandemic: A Conversation with Renowned Psychiatrist Dr. B

COVID-19 continues to have an unprecedented effect on the mental health of Americans.  The latest statistics show one third of Americans are feeling severe anxiety, with nearly a quarter showing signs of depression.  Perhaps more alarming, a recent poll found that the pandemic had negatively affected the mental health of 56 percent of adults.  

In an effort to offer guidance through this difficult time, Ashley (Founder of Nardi Media) and partner Justin (Founder of Press Record Communications) sat down with renowned psychiatrist and author of The Moment of Insight, Dr. Suvrat Bhargave ‘Dr. B’, to gain insight on steps we can all take to productively work through these times of uncertainty.  

The text below offers a brief summary of the topics covered.  To watch the Q&A in its entirety, click the video above.

Understanding The Loss Of Motivation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. B. - It’s certainly understandable to have a lack of motivation in these times of stress and uncertainty.  There’s a lot coming at us right now and acknowledge that it’s ok to lose motivation.  Motivation is a dialogue, not a feeling.  It’s what you say in your head to make you engage or pull back.  

Try starting each day by making a realistic list so you feel accomplished at the end of each day.  Reward yourself when you accomplish what you’ve set out to do

Dealing With Rejection

Dr. B. - Rejection hurts so much because it goes to the deepest part of us looking for validation.  The best step to lessen that pain is to adjust your perspective of validation from external to internal.   Take time to write down what you believe to be your 5 Gifts, things that you believe make you special.  In times of rejection, think back to this list and remind yourself that none of these gifts have been taken away, you’re still just as valuable.

Fostering Resilience In Others

Dr. B. - Lets first define resilience: Resilience equals the ability to cope with adversity.  Resilient people know how to cope with what’s in front of them but also learn how to make it work for them.  Resilient people understand that it’s OK to ask for help and it’s OK to fail.  When something doesn’t go their way, they adjust their mindset to that of a survivor, rather than a victim.  

Remaining Positive & Kind To Ourselves During This Pandemic

Dr. B. - You need to be kind to yourself before you can feel empathy for others, you need to place real value in emotion or feeling.   It’s also important to not crossover from empathy to selflessness, you can’t put other people’s needs in front of your own.

Setting Effective Balance Between Empathy And Boundaries?

Dr. B. - Are you trying to give 100% or 110%?  We need to understand there are variables that are outside of our control.  Once you’ve given your 100%, that’s it.  You did everything YOU can control, if the result isn’t exactly what you hoped for, you need to give yourself credit.  

Balancing Social Media & Media Coverage During This Time

Dr. B. - Social Media is important to help us stay connected and informed but the problem is they can trigger the two deepest fears most people have; Anxiety and Worth.  We watch the news and feel anxiety about ourselves and our loved ones being OK and then we turn to social media and can lose our sense of worth when comparing ourselves to others.  

It’s important to take time step away and have one or two trusted people in your life that can bring you back or fill you in if necessary.  

About A Moment Of Insight

Dr. B. - A Moment Of Insight comes from having deep, vulnerable discussions with thousands of patients.  These points of wisdom within the book don’t necessarily come from anything I learned in school, but rather in moments from discussions with patients.  At the core, we’re all struggling with the same thing and this book was created for those trying to think of themselves in a solid way, trying to love and value themselves. For those battling to get through adversity, this book is created to help you get there.  



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Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.

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"The biggest piece of advice a first-time author is given is to “hire your own publicist,” but what they don’t tell you is to “hire your own Ashley.”  Looking back, I don’t know how I could have released my book without Ashley & her team.  We started working together before the book was published.  First local TV and small blogs and as I got more seasoned and the book got closer to coming, she booked me appearances on bigger and bigger outlets. 


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