Your colleagues and competition seem to be a step ahead.  You’re seeing them in magazines or on TV, speaking at conferences (virtually), and each appearance is providing more visibility for their business.  If you’ve come this far, chances are you’re great at what you do, but self-promotion only tells your story to those you’re connected to.  How can you elevate your position as a thought-leader with organic promotion for your brand or company to a target audience?   

When potential clients come to me, they usually have a goal in mind, but sometimes it’s not the right one.  Landing an appearance on the TODAY Show is sure to give you visibility, but is it the right move strategically for yourself and your business, and does it reach your target audience?

It’s important to understand that PR alone won’t bring in more clients or make more sales. Our job is to get people interested in your work and your business by securing placements and/or speaking engagements that deliver exposure, credibility and visibility.


When Is The Right Time To Invest In PR? Here’s A Checklist:

When Is It NOT The Right Time?

If Now Is The Right Time – Here Are Some Tips For Finding The Right Publicist:

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