I’ve said before that while finishing your book is an incredible achievement and certainly is worthy of celebration, it’s just the beginning.  So much of the success of a book comes from the effort put into promoting both your book and yourself as a thought-leader in your field.  

Often, when a first-time author is signed by a publisher, there’s such a sense of elation that critical questions are left unanswered as to the plans for promotion.  

It’s important to note that in-house publicists at publishers simply don’t have the bandwidth to dedicate to each individual book to ensure it’s a publicity success, so that is why  firms like Nardi Media exist.

We specialize in complementing and supporting the publishers, working as part of a team to craft more pitches, news-jump more relevant stories and connect with more media contacts to gain as much exposure for authors as possible, giving them the best opportunity to make a name for themselves as a thought-leader in their field.  The additional support we’re able to provide is paramount to the success of a book launch.

So when the time comes to start discussing the promotional plan for your book, be sure to make a list of questions to ask your publisher. Here are a few key questions to get you started!

If, when you ask these questions, it seems like there may be gaps in the promotional plan, don’t be afraid to ask if there is a budget to bring in outside help.  We pride ourselves in having great relationships with publishers and work well with in-house teams and oftentimes, publishers are the ones that hire us to help support! 

This is your book, your story.  Don’t be afraid to ask the questions that could make a difference in your ability to connect with readers.