Sometimes I’m shocked when people ask me, “Is it really worth getting booked on TV?” My answer is always “YES!” TV interviews are a great tool to gain exposure and promote your book, business, or message, but people tend to shy away from TV because it can be challenging to land a spot on air. The secret is knowing both the art and the hustle of booking yourself on TV in order to have success.

Recently I sat down with Samantha Jacobson on Instagram Live, a fellow media relations friend, former National TV producer, and now, the Founder and CEO of TenXPR to share our insights. Both Samantha and I are veteran National TV producers for CBS News among others (I was also a producer/booker for energyNOW! and Washington Post Live, Samantha for Oprah Winfrey Network, Entertainment Tonight, and CNN).

Are you ready to land your next TV interview like a pro? Here’s an overview of what we discussed:


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