As a White woman myself, I, like so many others, often find myself fearing that I’ll say or do the wrong thing when it comes to dealing with racism. But my friends, Nardi Media clients, hosts of the popular Dear White Women Podcast, and authors of the book Dear White Women: Let’s Get (Un)Comfortable Talking About Racism, say that in order to talk about racism, we do have to get uncomfortable.

The two women, both mixed-race with Japenese heritage, bring unique perspectives to the current dialogue about anti-racism, bridging the gap to invite readers of all races to confront and reflect on their lived experiences, as well as adjust practices through the examination of history, culture, statistics, and psychology.

Keep scrolling to read a full recap of our conversation, which includes why we have to get uncomfortable talking about racism, how to have conversations around race with adults and kids alike, and small actions we can take to be an ally to women of color.

To learn more about Sara and Misasha, check out their website at, where you’ll be able to purchase their book, listen to their podcast, and find them on social media.

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