Book Launch Media Publicity Campaigns

If you want your name on the best-seller list, you have to get your name everywhere else.

We have a soft spot for authors at Nardi Media, and we have developed a wide variety of customized media outreach and publicity options for book launch campaigns, whether it is your first foray into publishing or your third novel. Our media relations experience includes working with all of the major publishers, first time authors, and New York Times best sellers, and we know how to turn up-and-coming authors into household names. You’ve already written your story. Now it’s time to let the world hear it from you.

Our book launch publicity packages are built specifically for your target audience, budget, and goals, and can include

  • Unlimited pitching to national and local television, radio, and podcast outlets
  • Unlimited bookings per month in both national and local television, radio, and podcast outlets
  • Media Consulting & Strategy
  • Development of pitch angles and relevant news pegs
  • Press Release Writing
  • Pitching all assigned outlets
  • Interview preparation for each show booked (includes reviewing upcoming interview segment and talking points)
  • Handling booking logistics for all interviews (coordinating day, time, location, etc)
  • Follow-up with producers regarding online content, future interviews, etc.

“At Nardi Media, we have a deep, passion-driven understanding of how the news works. As journalists and media professionals, the knack for finding “the story” runs hard and fast in our veins, and we know how to pitch it to news organizations so they can see it and run with it, too. It adds to our proven track record, and it’s also what makes it fun.”

—Ashley Bernardi