Listen in as we sit down with Brad Unger, an independent consultant at Nimble Sherpa, LLC, who works with businesses across multiple sectors to provide IT capability management services. 

First, we open with some ways in which Brad has tried to overcome common challenges that many of us are facing during this unprecedented time. With two younger kids who’ve both been distant learning from home, he and his wife do their best to keep a calendar that helps them block off time to stop working and spend time with their kids each day. He also suggests that it’s also just as important to create a “work space” for yourself, whatever that means in the confines of your home. This will help boost productivity no matter what is going around you.

Then, Brad digs into the coronavirus’ impact on his industry, saying that businesses, especially those with a high turnover rate, should act as quickly as possible to adapt to this new way of working.  Brad also points out that beyond adapting to working conditions, many companies with an “in person” culture must find a new way of maintaining it virtually.. Brad’s team, for example, holds virtual morning “coffee hours”, where he and his colleagues can have the same non-work-related hallway conversations they’ve grown accustomed to having in person.

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