In this episode of Crisis Comms, we chat with JJ Hurley, CEO and Founder of GDH Consulting, a leading strategic staffing agency that partners with businesses of all sizes.

We begin our conversation with JJ’s insights on how the staffing industry is handling hiring amid the Coronavirus pandemic. According to JJ, mid-size companies have slowed down or frozen hiring altogether, while some larger Fortune 500 companies, despite having slowed a bit, are still searching for candidates and continuing planned projects. The point? Those who have been laid off don’t need to feel overwhelmed; there’s still plenty of opportunity out there to find the right job for you!

Then we pick JJ’s brain on how he leads his team with energy and enthusiasm through this uncharted territory. JJ admits he’s busier than ever (as most parents are, he’s working from home while juggling the kids), but he sees this time as a blessing now that he can spend more quality time with his family and make deeper connections with his team and clients even through video. 

Check out to learn more about JJ and his team, and how they can help your business during these unprecedented times.