In today’s episode, Ashley is joined by Nicole Maaguo, Founder of Ambition Unboxed, a community of ambitious women, generally working in male-dominated fields who are tired of the typical corporate BS that stifles advancement and growth.  The community offers support and connection with other women allowing members to band together and achieve professional success.

In addition to discussing Ambition Unboxed’s mission, Ashley and Nicole chat about the Ambition Unboxed partnership with the Nardi Media BLM Book Club.  Each month, Ambition Unboxed will source and curate the book as well as a variety of products from black-owned businesses that book club members can then support on an ongoing basis!

To learn more about Ambition Unboxed, and join the Ambition Unboxed Community, check out the links below!

  1. The Website: Ambition Unboxed,
  2. The Podcast: Ambition Out Loud
  3. Facebook: Ambition Unboxed Private Facebook Community
  4. Instagram: @Ambition_Unboxed