Nardi Media’s Black Lives Matter Book Club

In an effort to better educate ourselves on racial injustice and create an open forum for meaningful conversations with friends, neighbors, and mentors of all colors, Nardi Media is excited to announce our Black Lives Matter Book Club launching on Monday, June 29th. We’ve created this book club to help increase our knowledge, understanding, and awareness of racism and anti-racism through the power of one of the earliest mediums of storytelling, with the hope that by educating ourselves, we will be better equipped to spark a wave of change in our communities and across our country.

Our Black Lives Matter Book Club is meant to be a safe and collaborative community for education and awareness of racial issues and injustice, as well as a meaningful way to champion black authors who have used their platform to educate, inspire, and use their voice to speak for those who cannot or for those who might be afraid to.


In addition to book announcements, group discussions, and question prompts, the Black Lives Matter Book Club Facebook page will also host exclusive Author Q&A Sessions (dependent on author availability), as well as Featured Children’s Books recommended by Ashley Bernardi of Nardi Media.

We hope that through elevating these meaningful stories and lessons, we can better understand racial injustice and garner the power for unity and change.

Stay tuned for more details!