When it comes to a media interview or speaking engagement, ensuring your message resonates with your audience is crucial (check out my blog post on ways to master your message HERE!). After all, you’ve worked so hard to craft your message – whether it’s for a product or service you’re offering or for that huge client presentation you have coming up – that you’ll want to make sure your delivery of it is worthwhile! This is especially true for a media interview, as the people watching or listening to your interview could be so impressed by what you’re sharing (the ultimate goal) that they become direct customers, brand loyalists, book buyers, and more.

It’s been said that people will forget what you said, but they’ll always remember how you made them feel. However, there are very simple tactics anyone can use to make sure that you accomplish both in your next webinar, media interview, or client call. Here are my top four tips for getting people to remember what you’ve said, including strategic repetition, avoiding negative words, employing power words, and telling a story:

Utilizing these tactics for your next media interview is bound to make the delivery of your message worthwhile. Not only will your audience remember what you said, but they’ll also remember how you made them feel. These tools will help your interview resonate with the people watching or listening to it – the ultimate goal!