Every day I encounter people who feel “stuck” when it comes to reaching their ideal audience. We know that the power of media placements can influence, build credibility, and create exposure for yourself and your brand, but even taking the first step to getting more visibility can be very scary creating an opening for imposter syndrome to set in.

Will the media even want to talk to me?  

What makes me the expert?  

Do I have anything important or of value to say?

I want you to quiet that inner critic immediately and tell yourself this: You ARE a highly credible expert in your field on a complicated subject, and the media wants to hear from you, and therefore, so does your audience.

You, my friend,  have a responsibility to share your message with the masses. Read that again. You have a responsibility! Your message and expertise will teach others, inspire others, move others, and invite people to take action.

So if you’re feeling stuck when it comes to expanding your brand and thought leadership visibility, or perhaps you’ve started and aren’t getting the media attention you feel that you deserve, there may be a few factors to consider in order to get back into alignment, overcome imposter syndrome, and get your message out to the masses.

If you haven’t been getting the placements you’ve been hoping for, don’t start second-guessing yourself, just take a step back and think about who makes up your ideal audience, and what types of media that audience consumes.  Once you have that, check to ensure your pitch and your messaging are being delivered in a way your target audience would understand and appreciate.  

You’ve got this!