At Nardi Media, we love working with book authors, but we also love working with incredible changemakers who are set out to make the world a better place!

I recently had an educational conversation with one of those people on Nardi Media’s Friends of Nardi series on Instagram Live, Dr. Courtney Howard. Dr. Howard is an ER physician in Yellowknife in Canada’s subarctic and a climate change expert. In our conversation, we talk all about how we can take our own baby steps to address climate change, how we can talk to our kids about it, and how we can address eco-anxiety.

As a former journalist and producer for an energy and environmentalist news show called EnergyNow, I was so privileged to be able to cover climate change stories around the world, but it also gave me a bit of eco-anxiety! Since working with Dr. Howard, she has taught me so much about the baby steps we can all take from home to address both climate change and the anxiety we may feel around it.

Keep scrolling for a recap of our conversation!

To learn more about Dr. Courtney Howard and her work, check out her website at and follow her @courtghoward.

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