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The Changemaker Series: How To Turn Your Story Into A Profitable Business Featuring Ashley and Randi Zinn, Founder Of The Going Beyond Movement

At Nardi Media, we’re passionate about helping authors, experts, and changemakers share their important message with the world through the power of media placements, but recently, I had a conversation with former Nardi client and author of Going Beyond Mom: How To Activate Your Mind, Body & Business After Baby, Randi Zinn, who helps women tap into their authenticity to create a purposeful, profitable business anchored in their truest story through her brand, The Going Beyond Movement

Keep reading for more about her story and The Going Beyond Movement, and tips for creating a business out of your truest story and self!

  • Ashley: Randi, I’d love it if you can share your story about how you got to where you are.
    • Randi: I believe that part of my accomplishments comes from the longing and grief that I feel for losing my dad 16 years ago, but I only realized this in the last few years. Before coming to this realization, I worked with amazing, powerful, and accomplished women who took their grief and the wisdom they learned from it and wove it into their business, and I started to think about that for myself and became fascinated by ways to heal. That’s when I became a yoga teacher, which was led me to write my book, Going Beyond Mom. This was the catalyst that made me realize that I was in conflict with my grief for so many years, and when I really started to own that, I discovered that the very things I was most skilled at came from those hard times. I was speaking and writing for years, but inside I hadn’t made that connection yet. Today, I help other women realize that the grief and difficult experiences they’ve had are what sparks their ideas, creativity, and passion, but it’s hard to bring that to life, so I provide the tools and support to help them excavate it and do something with it. So what happened is, my personal realization a few years ago has allowed me to use it to help others professionally.
  • Ashley: It’s so true, you can only connect the dots going backward, not forward, and I feel the same way with the loss of my dad. Tell me about The Going Beyond Movement.
    • Randi: It’s so related to my own mission! I really do think we’re in a paradigm shift in a big way right now. We’re all uncomfortable in the world and there’s so much intensity, and I do think a more masculine paradigm is shifting out and a more feminine paradigm is coming in. That means our stories and passions are coming into our work, and it’s a calling that we’re feeling to both express ourselves and to inspire, connect, and serve the world. So many women right now are not interested anymore in doing the same old thing and getting burnt out. They have talents, stories, and insights that the world needs, but they don’t know what to do with them because there’s no guidebook for it. The Going Beyond Movement holds space for that. The program I’m launching, called Woman of Abundance, is a full-circle experience that helps women who are ready to serve the planet and themselves at the same time. It’s really magical to see how quickly things can shift and their ideas come to life. 
  • Ashley: Why is it so important that we tap into our stories and authenticity?
    • Randi: At the end of the day, our stories matter, and it’s not for our ego. For example, I wrote my book, you helped me put it out into the world, but I had no idea who will read it or what kind of impact it will have. We can do that all the time in a million ways. I remember there was one time someone I didn’t know at all had sent me a Facebook message one or two years after my book came out, and she wasn’t in my demographic. I was talking to 30-40-year-old moms, and this woman was a young 20-something-year-old mom living in a location I wasn’t targeting either, and she said that when she read my book, she was given permission to step into this dream that she’s wanted for so long. That’s an example of why our stories matter, it’s all about how we can’t even imagine how much of an impact we can make for people we don’t even know. And it’s not just blabbing about your story, it’s about doing the soulful excavation of the significance of your story because it can land in the hands of someone who needs you.
    • Ashley: That’s so relatable and makes me think about my book Authentic Power because I felt so called to share my story because it’s the book I wish I had when I was going through my trauma and healing, and in the early days of the pandemic I thought I could help someone during those difficult times. I think opening up, getting vulnerable, and sharing your story can help make the world a better place.
    • Randi: Yes, and if you don’t know what that looks like, that’s OK! It comes from your space and then we let the Universe take care of it.
    • Ashley: What’s the biggest piece of advice for people looking to share their stories for the first time?
    • Randi: First, create a space for your own inquiry. When you actually want to start sharing your story in a meaningful way, carve out time and space, make it sacred by turning off your cell phone and TV, or light a candle. When you sit down to write, whether in a journal or computer, you want your truth to come out, but we have 5 million voices in our head so you have to consciously tell your voices to go away because you need to listen to what’s at the depth of you. When you do that, you’ll start to be conscious of the part of you that you want to pull in. This is something that we have a lot in common. Also, when we want to start sharing our stories, we have to get into our bodies. It’s not separate from your mind. Ask yourself, what can you do to bring yourself into your physical body? Your voice lives in your belly, which is your power center, and then it rises up. Your movement can be anything that serves you, whether it’s yoga or a hardcore spin class. 
    • Ashley: That’s such a great reminder! For me, it’s running and dancing and moving in some way every single day. I’m also the kind of person that works out based on how I’m feeling.
    • Randi: I’m the same way and I think that’s a secret sauce because we’re constantly changing. I love yoga, I love to dance, and I love walking. I ask myself, “what do I feel like doing today,” and that’s actually listening to your inner wisdom and energizing yourself instead of draining yourself.
  • Ashley: Even today I asked myself “What do I feel like doing today?” and I had this inner voice that said “You’re taking a bath, you’re not working out today,” and it was great! I think when you learn to flex that muscle of inner knowing it gets stronger and stronger, but it doesn’t happen overnight. It took a health crisis for me to start to figure it out. I hope that that’s not what it takes for others, but I want everyone to know that if it hasn’t happened yet, don’t worry, it will.
    • Randi: Yes, it’s a practice. Sometimes people ditch the effort because it’s not syncing, but it’s a journey and you’ll get there!
  • Ashley: You teach people that it’s important to tap into their authentic selves, but at the same time that it’s possible to create a very profitable business anchored in their story. What does that look like and how is that possible? 
    • Randi: We’ve been a bit brainwashed by a very linear way of thinking about how money is made and that it comes in the form of traditional work. For many years, I was very jealous of people who could do it that way because I didn’t fit into that box. Start by noticing who you’re drawn to, who you love to read, and who you listen to. For me, it’s people who work in non-traditional ways. Also, ask yourself what your greatest skills are and how you can impact people with them? What do you feel compelled to share? When do you feel the most invigorated? In the past, I didn’t make money doing the things that I loved, but I felt like I woke up when I worked on them. Writing my book made me realize I feel awake and alive when I’m communicating with others, and I feel very intuitive when I’m with someone who needs something from me and I love tapping into ways I can support them and questions to ask. So, when I started to get clear about those things, I asked myself what I can do to make it a business. I’d ask myself what I didn’t know yet and what resources and tools I can find to help me figure that out. For example, I have an amazing team of business coaches in Australia who taught me the science behind building a business. I didn’t have the skill to do it myself then, but now I do and I help others. This process is a way to take the magic inside of you and make it a business. 
    • Ashley: I love that! Randi, what do you have coming up?
    • Randi: I’m in launch mode of my program, “Woman of Abundance”, a 3-month group program launching in March. In month 1, we go deep and get to the heart of your message. In month 2, we excavate your ideas, your dreams, and your visions. In month 3, we start to shape your vision into a tangible forum. Woven into those three months are healing work, togetherness, love, support, and teaching. If anyone is interested they can join my private Facebook group, Women of Abundance in Life and Business where you’ll get insights about the program and become part of the community. I also offer a 1:1 program similar to this.
  • Ashley: I’m part of that Facebook group! Randi, I’m so proud of you and how much you’ve grown into your authentic voice, and how you’re helping others with this movement.
  • Randi: Thank you! I use the word “movement” very decisively because it goes back to the paradigm shift that we’re experiencing. It’s a movement to go against the grain. It’s not easy to break out of a box, or step outside of what society has traditionally deemed as “the process” or “the way”, but so many of us are craving depth, truth, and connection, and we want to make a difference in the world.

To learn more about Randi and how to work with her, check out her website at and follow her @randizinn.

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Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.

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"The biggest piece of advice a first-time author is given is to “hire your own publicist,” but what they don’t tell you is to “hire your own Ashley.”  Looking back, I don’t know how I could have released my book without Ashley & her team.  We started working together before the book was published.  First local TV and small blogs and as I got more seasoned and the book got closer to coming, she booked me appearances on bigger and bigger outlets. 


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