Summer is officially here! That means the kids are out of school, the summer vacation you planned is right around the corner, and work often slows down. 

But does the newsroom slow down?

This question has many of my talented clients and mentees asking me if it’s worth starting or continuing their book or brand PR campaign during the summer, and instead, waiting until the fall when everyone is back and fully focused on work.

Nardi’s Take: NO! 

Just because the summer tends to be a slow-down period for many, it doesn’t mean it’s a slow-down period for journalists, reporters, and talent bookers. The newsroom is always working around the clock to ensure the latest news gets delivered as soon as it’s released, and they are always looking for engaging content topics to bring to their audience, so get your pitches ready! Of course, there are some caveats to keep in mind, whether you’re working with PR specialists like Nardi Media or pitching DIY, but don’t worry, we’ll get to that later.

First, here’s why Summer PR is your FRIEND:


  • There’s Less Competition: One of the best-kept secrets in PR is that summer can actually be a goldmine for getting your story noticed! Why? Many businesses tend to hold off on their PR campaigns due to summer-related reasons like spending more time with the kids now that school is out, going on vacations, slowing down work, etc. As a result, they wait for the busier fall months. This means journalists and reporters receive fewer pitches and media requests, but you can take advantage of this time to get your pitch to stand out. Typically journalists and reporters get THOUSANDS of emails per day during the fall, winter, and spring months, but the summer gives you a much greater chance at cutting through some of the email clutter and ensuring your email pitch is noticed!


  • Take Advantage of Summer Holidays: Summer is packed with holidays and seasonal events that can serve as great tie-ins for your pitches, not to mention, journalists and reporters (especially in TV) are always looking for experts for these holiday-themed segments. Fourth of July and Labor Day are the most obvious summer holidays, but there are also plenty of national days that you can speak to depending on your expertise, such as National Chronic Disease Day (July 10th) if your expertise is in health/wellness, National Book Lovers Day (August 9) if you’re an author, and much more. These events offer timely, relevant angles that can help get your pitch get noticed by reporters and journalists. You can browse to find other holidays that align with your expertise and message. There’s truly a holiday for everything!


  • Journalists Are Still Working: As I mentioned, despite the misconception that journalists take the summer off, they are very much active and looking for stories to cover. They might even reach out to firms like Nardi Media to see if we have any clients with the expertise they’re looking for to speak to a certain topic - and they often do! One of the best advantages of working with Nardi Media is if you have the expertise they’re looking for, we’ll suggest you!


  • A More Relaxed Mindset: Summer often brings a more relaxed and open-minded mindset to the newsroom. With journalists and reporters generally in better spirits, there’s a chance they are more receptive to new products, ideas, and stories. So, put yourself out there. You never know what kind of media opportunities will come your way!


There are clear advantages to starting or continuing your PR campaign and pitching during the summer months, but as I mentioned before, there are, of course, some caveats to keep in mind. If you’re working with a strategic PR firm like Nardi Media, they should already know these caveats and will keep them in mind for you. Whether you’re working with a PR firm or working DIY, it’s important for you to understand them, too, so keep reading!

Here’s why Summer PR can be a FOE:


  • Distractions and Absences: While there is usually always someone available in the newsroom, it’s possible that key decision-makers might be on vacation, leading to potential delays in securing dates for your media placements.


  • Competing With Consumer Vacations: With many consumers enjoying their time off or on a summer vacation, you might find it harder to capture their attention at the time that your media coverage is live. But don’t worry! Your media coverage isn’t over the moment the camera turns off. Whether a TV, podcast, radio, or print/online piece, you’ll want to ask for the link so you can promote your coverage across all of your digital platforms! Some ideas: your website, your social media channels, or your newsletter if you have one.


  • Some National Lifestyle TV Shows & Podcasts Go On Hiatus During the Summer Months: Shows such as “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and “The Drew Barrymore Show” will take a short summer hiatus, and usually return at the beginning of August to plan shows for the fall. Often, podcasters will take a summer hiatus, too, so do your research before pitching!


So, is Summer PR a friend or foe? According to Nardi Media, it’s a FRIEND! As long as you take advantage of the quieter media landscape, leverage summer holidays, and write engaging, relevant pitch topics that showcase you as the expert, summertime might just be the perfect time for your PR campaign. At Nardi Media, we know you have an important message to share, and we believe in utilizing every opportunity to make sure your voice is heard. Summer is no exception. Don’t wait for the fall—let’s make this summer the season you shine in the media!

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