Media Outreach Campaigns


Powerful media outreach campaigns are born from powerful strategies based on our experience working in the newsroom, and this is where Nardi Media shines. As former reporters and TV producers with years of experience, we know how the media thinks and moves, and we pitch your story accordingly. When you need publicity for your event, your product, your company, or your cause, Nardi Media will develop a comprehensive and customized publicity campaign that drives your message, actively engages your audience, and gets results.

Our job as your publicity agency is to make sure your work and your message resonate on the strongest frequencies. Here’s how we do it.

  • Media consulting and strategy
  • Target audience research
  • Development of news pegs and pitch angles
  • Press release and pitch writing
  • Managing logistics for media interviews
  • Media placements in television, radio, print, online, and podcasts
  • Comprehensive analytics, summaries, and feedback for each engagement

“At Nardi Media, we have a deep, passion-driven understanding of how the news works. As journalists and media professionals, the knack for finding “the story” runs hard and fast in our veins, and we know how to pitch it to news organizations so they can see it and run with it, too. It adds to our proven track record, and it’s also what makes it fun.”

—Ashley Bernardi