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Sharing Your Voice Takes Courage, Treat Yourself With Kindness When You Do

I often preach that we all have a voice that needs to be shared, and it’s usually the parts of our story that we don’t want to share that people need to hear the most. In my media training sessions, I teach people how to find their voice by telling stories. People listen to stories […]

The Countdown Is On! My “10 Days To Book Launch” Timeline For Every Author

The clock is ticking… Your book launch is almost here! I often find authors wondering what they can and should be doing in the final days leading up to their book launches. And here is advice I always share: Don’t just sit pretty while you wait for the press and media requests to come in. As […]

If You Have A Book In You (And I Think Everyone Does), Here Are A Few Tips To Get Started By Ashley Bernardi

Everyone has a story to tell or a message to share. As a publicist who works with dozens and dozens of authors, I’m constantly in awe of their unique stories, their desire to share them with the world, and their authenticity and vulnerability in opening up so others can benefit. I bet you, too, have […]

The Changemaker Series: Getting (Un)Comfortable Talking About Racism, Featuring Ashley, Along With Sara Blanchard and Misasha Suzuki Graham, Authors of Dear White Women

As a White woman myself, I, like so many others, often find myself fearing that I’ll say or do the wrong thing when it comes to dealing with racism. But my friends, Nardi Media clients, hosts of the popular Dear White Women Podcast, and authors of the book Dear White Women: Let’s Get (Un)Comfortable Talking […]

The Changemaker Series: How To Achieve More By Doing Less, Featuring Ashley and Jinny Uppal, Author of IN/ACTION: Rethinking The Path To Results

Before the pandemic, the American hustle culture was the answer to achieving everything we wanted, but when COVID hit, we were forced to pause and reflect on how we want to live our daily lives. For my friend, Nardi Media client, and former VP of Strategy for Bed Bath & Beyond, Jinny Uppal, this pause […]

Why Submitting Your Book For Awards Is A Must & How To Do It Right! By Ashley Bernardi

As many of you know, I wrote my new book, Authentic Power: Give Yourself Permission to Feel (Available Now) as a self-help guidebook to provide healing and hope during the pandemic and beyond, and I am thrilled to share that it has won the Gold in the Literary Titans Book Awards! I am still in […]



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