Media Training And Message Development

Powerful messaging is the dinner bell that draws in audiences and serves them exactly what they are craving. Our job is to make them hungry for more.

Proper message development and delivery drives every successful publicity campaign. Grounded, strategic, and meaningful messaging is what sets you apart from your competition both in the eyes of the media and the public; to be seen and heard in our noisy world, you have to impress both.

Nardi Media uses proven and powerful tools to help you achieve the confident communication skills needed to generate positive publicity for yourself and your work. You’ll receive a highly customized training module that addresses your specific objectives, challenges, and opportunities. We’ll help you inspire your audience not only to listen, but also to take the next step, whether it is to buy your book, take action on your initiative, or spread the word about your message. We do this by diving into your personal story and extracting the crucial key points and moments that make you and your message more relatable to your audience.

This training is a required part our services. By understanding how the media and your audience thinks, you are better equipped to confidently and clearly convey your stories, thoughts, and answers as they align with your core message.

Our services include

  • Message and story development
  • Elevator pitches
  • Interview preparation
  • Positive language training
  • Media coaching

“At Nardi Media, we have a deep, passion-driven understanding of how the news works. As journalists and media professionals, the knack for finding “the story” runs hard and fast in our veins, and we know how to pitch it to news organizations so they can see it and run with it, too. It adds to our proven track record, and it’s also what makes it fun.”

—Ashley Bernardi