How to Leverage Media Placements for Success

You’ve done all the hard work of pitching the media, nailed the segment and now your interview is live on-air and online. This is HUGE! But what’s next?! Press placements come and go, but there are ways you can amplify them long-term and give them an extended shelf-life, and make it work towards your ROI. […]

Local Media Placements With Liz, Lead Publicist At Nardi Media

Plenty of people eye-roll when I suggest pitching local media, but don’t knock on local media placements until you try it! Local media placements are an effective way to get your message across to communities who really care, but perhaps more importantly, they help build and generate awareness for your brand that is essential to […]

Newsjumping: What It Is + How It Works

Newsjumping is one of the best and most effective ways to garner press attention and position yourself as an expert to the public eye, but if not done right, you’ll miss out on a lot of opportunities that come as quickly as they go. At Nardi Media, newsjumping is a topic that comes up all […]

OP-ED 101: We All Have A Story To Tell – Follow These Tips To Get Yours Published

Whether you’re looking to raise your profile as a thought-leader or simply have a story you believe should be shared with the world, an op-ed provides a tremendous opportunity to reach a target audience across a trusted platform.   What exactly is an op-ed? An op-ed is a contributed article or story that you write for a […]

Is It OK To Decline A Media Request?

It can be an exhilarating feeling when you receive an interview request from the media! After much anticipation and wondering when you’ll have an opportunity to share your message with the world, the time has finally come!   The excitement settles in, and once you learn the logistical details and interview timing, perhaps you feel […]

If Your Media Pitch Isn’t Working, Try Tweaking Your Email Subject Line

Producers, reporters, and editors receive hundreds, if not thousands of pitches a day. When I was a journalist, I could barely keep up with my inbox between media pitches and the need to respond to emails from my colleagues and bosses for a television segment I was working on. I have been on the receiving […]

What Is Holding You Back From Getting More Visibility?

Every day I encounter people who feel “stuck” when it comes to reaching their ideal audience. We know that the power of media placements can influence, build credibility, and create exposure for yourself and your brand, but even taking the first step to getting more visibility can be very scary creating an opening for imposter […]