In An Age Of New Media, Radio Still Dominates “Share Of Ear” In 2020

For years, I’ve heard people say “radio is dead!” and while I’ve always been quick to dispute it, I’m excited to share new research that confirms that radio is in fact, alive, well, and thriving. I’ve had past clients question interview opportunities with radio stations and shows — and rightfully so. You want to make […]

Crisis Comms: Sameer Bhide — Author, One Fine Day

On what he calls “one fine day”, author Sameer Bhide suffered an extremely rare catastrophic hemorrhagic stroke in his cerebellum, underwent two brain surgeries, and spent a month in a medically induced coma. After his stroke, his entire life came crashing down, from a life-changing debilitating illness to the loss of work, and finally a […]

Crisis Comms: Nicole Maaguo — Founder, Ambition Unboxed

In today’s episode, Ashley is joined by Nicole Maaguo, Founder of Ambition Unboxed, a community of ambitious women, generally working in male-dominated fields who are tired of the typical corporate BS that stifles advancement and growth.  The community offers support and connection with other women allowing members to band together and achieve professional success. In […]

Crisis Comms: Mark Nassbaum, Chief Operating Officer at Signature Consultants

In today’s episode, we talk with Mark Nassbaum, Chief Operation Officer at Signature Consultants, a staffing firm that specializes in the technology and finance sectors. In this unprecedented time, Mark says the key to mental health is a willingness to accept and acknowledge feelings that we’re all dealing with and when we’re feeling particularly stressed […]

Crisis Comms: Jacey Lambros and Danielle DeAngelo Founders of Jane DO

Connecting from Washington DC and Jersey City, NJ, we catch-up with former Radio City Rockettes and Founders of Jane DO; Jacey Lambros and Danielle DeAngelo.  We kick things off learning a little more about Jane DO and their goal of creating the largest community of powerful women through fitness, finance and sexual confidence.   The conversation […]

Crisis Comms: Lorilee Binstock, Host of A Trauma Survivor Thriver’s Podcast

In this episode of Crisis Comms, we chat with Lorilee Binstock, Host of the new podcast A Trauma Survivor Thriver’s Podcast (Launching July 2020).    We begin our conversation with Lorilee describing her traumatic experience and the moment that led her to seek help.  It was through the help and care of the dedicated therapists that […]

Crisis Comms: JJ Hurley, Founder and CEO of GDH Consulting

In this episode of Crisis Comms, we chat with JJ Hurley, CEO and Founder of GDH Consulting, a leading strategic staffing agency that partners with businesses of all sizes. We begin our conversation with JJ’s insights on how the staffing industry is handling hiring amid the Coronavirus pandemic. According to JJ, mid-size companies have slowed […]

Crisis Comms: Brad Unger, Independent Consultant at Nimble Sherpa, LLC

Listen in as we sit down with Brad Unger, an independent consultant at Nimble Sherpa, LLC, who works with businesses across multiple sectors to provide IT capability management services.  First, we open with some ways in which Brad has tried to overcome common challenges that many of us are facing during this unprecedented time. With […]

Crisis Comms with Philanthropist Michele Sullivan, Author, Looking Up

We catch-up with Michele Sullivan, author of Looking Up, How a Different Perspective Turns Obstacles into Advantages. Amongst all this change in the world, Michele talks about the positivity she’s seen through these challenging times.  We’ve all now been given the opportunity to reflect.  We’ve found time to connect with people on a deeper level, […]