How To Get People To Remember What You’ve Said

When it comes to a media interview or speaking engagement, ensuring your message resonates with your audience is crucial (check out my blog post on ways to master your message HERE!). After all, you’ve worked so hard to craft your message – whether it’s for a product or service you’re offering or for that huge […]

How To Brilliantly Answer The Three Types Of Questions You’ll Get Asked By The Media

You’re one step closer to getting your message out to the masses! You’ve nailed down a fantastic interview opportunity on that podcast or television show you’ve been targeting, you’ve prepped your messaging, you’ve solidified all details with the producer, and you’re likely wondering, “What questions will they be asking me?” Whether you’re being interviewed for […]

I Got Booked On TV! Here’s How To Prep For Your Interview

It’s all coming together!  You’ve finished your book, put in the work to get your message out, and now you have your first interview.  This is a big moment and it’s completely normal for your feelings to be a mixture of excitement and fear.  Take a deep breath, you’ve got this.   Coming from more than […]

Master Your Message: Expert Tips On Sharing Your Message In Our Virtual World

Over the years, I’ve worked with a countless number of individuals and companies on crafting verbal messages that will resonate with their audience. Note that I say “verbal” for a reason. Why? Because the way we write and the way we speak are two very different things, and it is important to know this. According […]

When Is The Right Time To Invest In A Publicist? And Who’s The Right Publicist For You?

Your colleagues and competition seem to be a step ahead.  You’re seeing them in magazines or on TV, speaking at conferences (virtually), and each appearance is providing more visibility for their business.  If you’ve come this far, chances are you’re great at what you do, but self-promotion only tells your story to those you’re connected […]

In An Age Of New Media, Radio Still Dominates “Share Of Ear” In 2020

For years, I’ve heard people say “radio is dead!” and while I’ve always been quick to dispute it, I’m excited to share new research that confirms that radio is in fact, alive, well, and thriving. I’ve had past clients question interview opportunities with radio stations and shows — and rightfully so. You want to make […]